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’70s from Head to Toe

‘you can never go wrong with a little denim on denim action’

Shirt – here and here Pants – here and here Shoes – here

If you’ve been following me for a while you already know how much I live for denim on denim. I mean I literally can’t get enough. It’s very much a problem that i’m living with (lol). This look is just so me. On any given day, you could bet that i’d be wearing some variation of this look and you’d be very right.

I just got these mules from Forever 21. I’m not gonna lie, when the mule style came back in style, I was like hahahahaha.. what are thoseeeeeeee??? but as you can see.. I caved. And I couldn’t be more in love. These camel ones are about to be on my feet everyday like they’re the only shoes I’ve got. Have any of you caved for any new trends out there. I know i’m guilty of a few more i.e the flared jean *cough cough* These ones are from Zara and I have a couple more variations at home (What? I already admitted I have a problem!). Let me know what you think of this outfit that is so clearly a homage to the 70s.



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