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One thing I love about my birthday is that it comes at the start of a new year. January is a lot about new beginnings. The seasons are changing and for some of us its getting cold, everything (and everyone) goes into hibernation preparing for spring. I look at my birthday as a really great time to reflect on my year and also “mentally hibernate” and prepare for bigger and better things in the new year.

2014 left me with a lot of life lessons. I had my ups and I’ve certainly had my downs but it was a year of huge personal growth. I learned to never compare my success, happiness and goals to that of others. My only competition in life is myself. God determines my success and I determine my goals and that’s it. I learned to cut my coat according to my size. Just as my success can’t be measured by others, neither can my purse. I learned how to be responsible with my money and happy with what God had blessed me with financially. 2014 taught me to prioritize. It tested my relationships. Last year was truly a wake up call for me, and now its 2015 and I’m one year older and all the more wiser.

To everyone who is reading this, who supports my blog, likes my outfits and comments on my page, thank you. I hope that wherever you’re reading this, you will also feel inspired. I hope that 2015 will teach you as much as 2014 taught me. I wish you success, happiness and growth in this new year. Take this time to hibernate. Reflect on the last 12 months in preparation for this new year and ‘spring’ into action when the time is right 😉


Okay that was corny, but I think you get the idea?? Happy New Year to you all and of course Happy Birthday to me!!!

A million x’s and o’s


Dress – Asos (here) | Shoes – Zara


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