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A Little Rome In San Francisco

My friend Tolani’s birthday was coming up and my other friend Ugwem recommended we all go to Napa Valley – since it was really close to her school. I kept going back and forth with where or not to go cause I just had so much work to do. I always find myself thinking I’m too busy to do this or that. When I’m invited to something my first inkling is that I have way too much work to be out and when I do go out I always find myself thinking of what I could be doing. This is definitely something I’m working on because that ‘s not how to live your best life. I need to be able to make plans and have a balanced life. That being said, a couple days before the supposed weekend – which turned out to be Memorial Day weekend – I bought my ticket out to San Francisco and LA. I needed that mental break, I wanted to see my friends, I was tired of always ‘being busy’. It turned out to be an amazing decision.

When I got in, Tolani and Lola already flew in and they all came to pick me up from the airport. The rest of that Friday resulted in us having much needed girl talk and catching up on all the things that had been happening since we last saw each other. The next day, Saturday, was the day we were to go to Napa. We were supposed to leave the house by 11 to give ourselves enough time to get to Napa and participate in activities before we headed back. Of course, we ended up leaving the house closer to 1 and encountered a ton of traffic. When we had already been driving for almost an hour and still had another hour and half to go, Tolani decided we should just find something closer in San Francisco to do.  I’m so happy we did because we found the Japanese Tea Garden and these awesome columns that brought about these phenomenal pictures and such great memories. We can plan all we want but what God plans for us is always better. It’s not always going to happen the way you want, but it will always happen the way its supposed to. Hope you enjoy 🙂

My Dress – Here

Sisterhood <3


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