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Best Outfits for Travel

All black e’rything

What’s the most important thing to you about travel? Mine is comfort. I hate uncomfortable plane rides. It’s bad enough you’re in a cramped seat for hours and hours. The seats, the food, turbulence might even spring up but at least you can control what you’re wearing and how comfortable that is. To help you with that and with holiday season fast approaching, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite travel outfits so you can be comfortable too. Don’t worry, they don’t break the bank 🙂

As you know I travel a bit (haha) and I’ve come up with a travel uniform: 2 pieces sets (or monochrome) and sneakers or the occasional boot (comfortable ofcourse). With that combination, you can’t go wrong. It keeps me comfortable and cute for long flights. Enjoy! And let me know what one thing you can’t live without while traveling!

What’s your go-to travel outfit?


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