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faux fur

Hey guys! I’m so excited for what’s in store this year. Winter is in full effect, but it already seems like its going by so fast! I can’t believe its already the 12th. Time to get out my winter wardrobe and embrace this amazing time of the year for fashion before its too late…

So I got this fur coat from ASOS last month and have just been itching to wear it. It’s hooded, which is always a plus; soft and oh so fluffy. It gives off a real vintage vibe without over selling this classic look and can make anyone look super cool just by putting it on.

I like to have a focal point of interest in all of my outfits, I’ve never been a fan of competing statement pieces. So I decided to pair my dramatic faux fur with a simple pair of blue jeans and a basic white tank top. Embracing the old world glam that my coat embodies, I added my Zara heels from last year for a little more color and a modern twist on a classic coat. All in all, I think I found a winner. It’s the perfect coat for these colder days that have already started creeping up on us. I know this coat may not be for everyone, but it’s the perfect match for me and a winter wardrobe staple I just couldn’t resist.

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