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Finding yourself

The conversation wasn’t easy. I started with my mother. I figured she would be the most disappointed because as long as I can remember this had been her dream for me as much as it had been my dream for myself. She also went into a medical field and this was one of the areas we bonded closely in. Going to any African parent and telling them you don’t want to pursue medicine, engineering or law is hard enough, but my mother? LOL that brought it to a whole other level of difficult (I can expand on that later). It was painful, I won’t lie.  But as you can see I’m still alive. She’s still alive. I didn’t die (even though I thought I was going to), and in the end she realized this was a better road for me to travel. Don’t get me wrong, it has taken a painfully long time to get to this point, but we’re there and continue to move forward with this.

I won’t say I have ‘arrived’, I’m still on my journey but I have faith that God is ordering my steps. For a few years after I realized what I didn’t want, I had to struggle to find what I did, and in that time, I felt so lost. Even now, I’m still trying to find what my purpose in life is but I took the plunge, and continue to dive into new things and projects every day. I decided what I didn’t want my life to be and started on a path to figuring it out and each day I continue.

So, wherever you are in life, if its not where you want to be, START NOW. Begin taking the steps to where you want to be. If you don’t 5 years down the line you’ll wish you did. Just like me, you’re one decision away from changing your life.

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