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i’m so plaid

Sooooo wishing I didn’t throw away all my jean skirts before my sophomore year in college. Definitely not gonna make that mistake again. When I saw this on, I was like ummm thank you! And when I saw it was 19.50, I definitely did a fist pump. Now that denim skirts are back like they never left, I’ve been having alot of fun with mine. This time, I paired it with my plaid shirt from Hollister (don’t ask) and the orange heels my BFF got me for my birthday a while back.

Speaking of NastyGal, I’ve been reading the ever so popular #Girlboss by the creator, Sophia Amoruso and I must say that i’m enjoying it. Definitely a book I would recommend. Look out for a mini book review sometime in the near future. xx

Shirt – Hollister

Skirt – H&M

Heels – NastyGal


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