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New in: Skincare | L’occitane

So excited to share L’occitane’s new Shea range with you. If you don’t know how to pronounce L’Occitane – it’s (LOX – EE – TAHN)! I have five products that each help soften and nourish your skin and leave it feeling baby soft. One of my favorite components of this line is the fact that it is also socially conscious. They empower the women of Burking Faso by giving them an opportunity to use sustainable fair trade to create Shea butter using traditional methods! Be sure to read more about how it works here –


Shea Fabulous Oil

This is definitely my favorite! I love how it glides onto the skin and leaves it feeling smooth and soft. unlike other oils, it doesn’t leave a greasy after feel. It leaves your skin glistening and smelling like Shea butter goodness. I love this, make sure you try it out and let me know what you think!

Shea Ultra Light Body Cream

This feels like a soft soufflé body butter. It feels really light on the skin just like the name suggests. I love that you don’t have to put too much on to feel moisturized!

Shea Ultra Rich Body Cream

This is for dry to very dry skin. It feels like a thick cream with really coats you skin. I’ll definitely be wearing this for winter months to keep my skin moisturized.

Shea Rich Body Lotion

This is my favorite one for on the go and I love that it has a pump! It makes it really easy to grab a little bit and head out the door. you can also drop it in your bag and you’re good. This consistency is between the ultra rich and the ultra light body cream. It leaves the skin moisturized for up to 48 hours after you apply it!

Shea Fabulous Shower Oil

This is a really unique product that allows you to hydrate while showering. Just apply and massage on wet skin then rinse it off! It leaves your skin leaving super soft right out of the shower and keeps it soft all day!

Have you tried any of the L’occitane products before? You should definitely try this range and let me know what you think! – <3


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