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Who hates dry skin? Who also hates that feeling you start to get around 2pm when you’ve been wearing your make up all day and those quick mirror touch ups just aren’t capturing the dewey look you had that morning??

So this is me almost every day. I do a really good job of moisturizing my face, but our skin is constantly loosing hydration and the rate of water loss can increase by over 50 percent throughout the course of one day! Add that on top of a full face of makeup and I’m looking pretty thirsty at the end of the day…my skin, not me personally!

So what do I do to avoid dry out? Recently I started using the new Olay Energizing Mist. I’ve never really been into mists before, I mean, why would I spend money putting water on my face?! But, clearly I don’t know what I was thinking. Olay Mists are more than just water. They are designed to boost my skin’s hydration by 60 percent and give my skin back the moisture I’ve lost as soon as I put them on. They are packed with vitamin B3 complex which also strengthens my skin so I can retain more moisture overtime, and also…they smell good!

Sometimes I spray them on just to smell nice ^_^ I have my Olay Energizing Mist which I spray in the morning to get me going, and my Calming Mist towards the end of the day. They are perfect with or without make up and keep my face moisturized so I’m never looking thirsty.

You can find the new Olay Energizing Mist at your local Target store in the beauty aisle. Once you’ve picked yours up, share your experience in the comments below!


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