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Studio One Afrique

Crop top and Skirt – Studio One Afrique

Heels (Asos) – Here

Clutch (eBay)

So from my last post, you already know I love ankara. I really just can’t get enough. This crop top and skirt combo from Studio One Afrique, an online boutique based right here in Atlanta. I mean, how awesome is this print??? The fit is out of this world, see how the skirt somehow magically gave me hips (hey, i’m not complaining o). I’m a big fan of getting sets that I feel are really versatile and this one is just that. The top and skirt can be paired with separate pieces that manage ti give off a totally different feel. Its just too great of a deal to pass up.

Studio One Afrique is coming out with a new collection soon so check them out and make sure you have them on your radar. I know I’ll definitely be going back to grab some more of their pieces!


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