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The Airport Fit

‘Who said you can’t have chic and comfort at the same time?’

For those wondering about my hair, I got it from Its the afro kinky style and I got an 18in closure, two 18in bundles and a 20in bundle. I finally posted a video telling you all about it: (below)!

I always try to be as comfortable as possible while staying somewhat fashionable when going to the airport. When i’m running super late and unfortunately didn’t prepare, that doesn’t always work out. Luckily, I got ready kind of on time and had my outfits planned for my little Turks and Caicos adventure. Probably because this was the most excited I’ve been for a trip in a long time! I stayed at Ports of call resorts (review coming soon) 🙂

The sleeveless blazer trend is still going full force and i’m along for the ride. I picked up one of my favorite ones with a split back for this look. Unfortunately, it’s sold out but I linked a few I’ve found that are really cute and worth a try. The american apparel riding pants are the most comfortable and flattering pants in the world in my opinion (unless you’ve got a food baby then its a no go) so I generally tend to reach for them for my traveling days.  These paired with a white tee and white converses made for a comfortable plane ride for me and a bunch of compliments on my outfit from lovely strangers which I didn’t mind :). Let me know what you think! Also, look out for a vlog/what I wore in Turks and Caicos video on my channel soon!

Sleeveless blazers – Here, here, and here

Riding pants – Here

Converses – Here

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