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Turks & Caicos

Ready to go on my next adventure.

I strongly believe in experiences. I almost always say yes to doing new things and going to new places. So excited to be going to NOLA next weekend. Woo hoo!!!! A bunch of us are going to be going on a road trip for my friend Eddie aka Prohaize’s birthday. Can’t wait! Oh, and i’ll be attempting to vlog again. Hopefully it works out this time.

Here are some more photos from my trip to Turks and Caicos back in March. I was literally scrolling through my phone and stumbled upon these gems. I had an amazing time staying at the Port of Call Resort. Most of the hotels there are REALLY expensive but this wasn’t too bad. Plus, we were there for Bisi and Bundo’s wedding so there was a little discount there too! definitely check them out if you’re ever thinking of going to the island.




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