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‘Can’t get over how natural this looks’

This hair from is so amazing. It soft, lightweight and looks like my real hair! I bought an 18 inch closure, two 18 inch bundles and a 20 inch bundle as well in the afro kinky style. One of my friends had it and when I felt it, I knew I had to have it too. It’s lasted her for months so I had no problem making the investment.

 While I was in Turks and Caicos, I was stopped almost 5 times a day with people asking if it was all mine and where I got it from. I was really proud of myself for making such a natural looking wig. As you can see I can move it from the middle to the side and it still looks great! Let me know what you think about this hair and don’t forget to watch my tutorial, (below) like and subscribe to my channel. I have a lot of fun things in store!



Poncho – Here 


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